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Branding Graphic Design Naming Strategy

What’s in a name? The secrets of naming.

Many businesses often neglect to consider just how important it is to give businesses or products a genuinely good brand name, but the art of naming is much more difficult than it may seem at first sight. Many think that the reason is simple: all the best brand names have already been taken!

In any market, name rivalry is such a tough proposition that its very hard to create something new with brand appeal. Moreover, a good brand name should be more than attractive to be memorable. It should encompass the whole spectrum of working features: uniqueness, competitiveness, ingenuity. Practically, it also needs to be original enough to be registered officially; from trademarks to domain names.

A good name is a good investment

Our naming agency uses multiple methods of brand development to find that word that truly encapsulates a client’s identity: we consider neologisms, acronyms, metaphors, and a range of associated concepts. Naming mistakes can seem small but can cost a company lots to correct. Money spent on naming is money spent on style, packaging, and promotion.

Choosing the right brand name gets your product and company on the right track when it comes to success. Our naming agency has extensive experience in creating memorable and competitive brand names. Together we will define the criteria that affects all future product and brand naming, suggesting multiple variants among which you are bound to find the best.