We are the branding agency who

create a personal brand platform for the client with the help of design thinking.


Branding & business

In order to achieve maximum brand awareness and gain the loyalty of their customers, companies must make great efforts to remain competitive and meet the demands of today’s market. Now more than ever, a company’s brand and branding are an inseparable part of the business’ success.

Creating a recognizable and competitive brand is a complex multidimensional task. To achieve this target, any business that takes itself seriously needs the help of a professional branding company, one with experience in developing a complex branding system.

Branding should be more than just competent, it should aim to increase a company’s profitability, helping to integrate your business into a constantly changing business environment. Good branding agencies go above and beyond, helping their clients to discover new markets and target audience.

How our branding agency works

We are a reliable branding agency focused on solutions for branding tasks on behalf of private businesses whose development means — searching for new ideas.
The Mission of our branding company is creating a bridge between Ukrainian and European entrepreneurs.

Our branding agency provides a full complement of services in branding development, including: building a brand strategy, brand identity development, brand positioning, naming, logo and graphic design

Boomerang is a branding company that uses modern design thinking technologies. Together with the client, our branding firm shapes the complex brand platform, which allows our clients’ and customers’ companies to get to a new level of development; realizing their competitive advantages and emphasising the values of their brand.

Boomerang branding agency has many years of experience in the market and has helped many international companies to create a powerful and recognizable brand. Our branding company has extensive expertise in working for firms dealing with various kinds of services and goods:

— Production companies
— Trade
— Restaurant businesses
— Educational companies
— Catering companies

To see what we do, take a look at the samples of our work in the company portfolio!

Our branding agency is always open to new projects and challenging tasks.


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