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Mission - We are building a bridge between Ukrainian and European business.

Values - professionalism, openness, trust.

Vision - a creative advertising agency working for the European market.

Style of working - Equality. Reliability. Honesty. Decency. Meaning.

Market focus - We are positioned as a creative agency, who want to stand out in a crowded market.

Product - a creative design agency shaping the personal brand platforms of our clients by offering a competitive advantage through design thinking.

Our service - our creative advertising agency specializes in: branding platforms/brand strategy/consulting/development of communication strategy/market analysis of brands/competitive strategy/naming/branding/creative/copywriting/brand identity/logo design/graphic design.

Our creative agency’s philosophy

Our creative design agency treats every project we work on with a personal touch; striving to contribute all the benefits of years of experience, knowledge, creative vision, and design thinking. We aim to deliver task solutions for our clients in the most effective and optimal way possible. Working in unison with our client, we consider our work a collective enterprise to deliver collaborative design and design thinking.

The design process is a highly collaborative exchange, involving feedback and discussion at every crucial step to make sure clients are satisfied with the end result. We believe that discussion, cooperation, and “fearless feedback” are the only way to generate really worthy ideas and solutions.

Continually learning and developing, our creative design agency is well represented at professional festivals, forums and conferences. Our cutting edge approach means that we are ideally placed to discover novel means of advertising and the most innovative approaches to promotion of our client’s products.

We are always ready to discuss all options with our clients, treating them as colleagues in the creative process. We work closely with all our clients to really get to to know their the needs and values of their target market.

Our creative advertising agency helps make sure that every client’s brand reaches their customer base, with immediate results.


Your success is our success

The impetus for starting our company began in 2003 with the successful completion of the Iryna Hrytska Dutch program "Dynamic Business Management" and an internship at the advertising agency "Berg Kleijn" in The Hague.